Spire CS Limited work closely with our clients to develop and deliver a bespoke logistics solution that meets the individual project needs.

We directly employ logistics teams that are local to the project to help clients achieve local labour KPI’s.

In order to maximise our local labour impact we work closely with organisations such as The Construction Academy at Manchester University, Liverpool in Work, Walking with the Wounded, The Broughton Trust, Salford Employment and Recruitment City Hub (SEARCH).

Waste Management

Waste management forms an integral part of the construction site logistics package and is essential to the efficient running of a safe, clean and clear site.

Our solutions are tailored to meet specific requirements of an individual project.

We work closely with a local environmentally licensed waste transfer station to produce monthly comprehensive segregation and recycling reports.

Construction Support Services

We can supply and install all needs for the initial site setup, ranging from fencing, barriers, cabins, tower lights, office furniture, tools, small tools and plant.

These services can be provided through out the project and can be adapted/sourced to meet the project needs.